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    We are inviting everybody who would like to join together to clarify the scam websites, Hyips and other e-marketing projects, products and programs. Be careful ..
    Therefore, we are necessary everyone of you .... Come and be a detective and a member of the team. Insert here your reflink and get a lot of referrals. Be the first who finding out - website is paying or not. Spread this information to everyone who are working in the e-marketing.

      Find referrals and be the referral! If you want to become a detective, and place your ref link, register on our website/forum and also getting the latest news and other important information. Register, if you wish to receive information about the tested buxes and projects.

      Provide your existing e-mail, because you get the news directly by email.
      Suggest new links to the PTC, which wants to test it.

    If you want to become our partner, promote this site to surf, blogs, FB, Twitter and ect.

    Each of us wants to be sure that for their time and work on the website (PTC) will pay real money, but far from all Webs fairly. And we think everyone will agree that there is no substitute for real human experience or proof of payment. We would like to achieve this goal together with you, as a team.

    So if you've decided to work in our team  

    Main Terms of Service

        By joining our program you automatically agree these Terms of Service. Members that do not agree these terms should stop using our service and terminate their account immediately.
        We are not responsible for any losses and/or damages of any kind arising out of the relationship between you and our program.
        You are allowed one account per IP address or household.
        It has to be stressed that auto-click software is in any kind is prohibited. If we catch you using using this kind of software, your account will be terminated without notice.
        We remain the right to terminate your account in cases like, but not limited to, spamming, cheating or misuse of the system.
        We remain the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior consent or notice.

         Communicate and discuss freely allowed only in live chat HERE and in the individual topics of the Forum HERE.
         Do not mix discussion and important info about websites.
         Write only to the theme of corresponding topics in the Forum.
         Use Search System of Websites to facilitate your work!
    Intrusively thrusting your contacts, e-mails and reflinks will be banned and thrown away. There are created referrals exchange sites for that aim.

    How to become a member (detective) of the team?

    Only registered member can be a Detective. Attention: Only registered members can and will be ranked for activity.

    1. The Detective may be any person, which have a sense out in the e-marketing.

    2. At the beginning we treat you as candidates to the detectives. You will become a Detective of our system, if you will work actively and provide the information on supervised website.
    Detective gets a task (a website) and he is working and checking it and our system is promoting his reflink (it is the best what we can to do). It is therefore likely that the Detective will has earned well from the website if this website will be paying, and we all will have quick and objective info.

    3. In addition the Detectives must work in two more websites, check them and provide the information about them besides that Detective has received one (i.e. he has three websites in total). So crosswise there is forming an objective opinion about Websites.

    4. The Detective report about checked websites is writing comments beside each website (reference "comments")
    Strictly forbidden to place misleading information in the comments and to distort it.

    5. The Detective must report any cash receipt or non-receipt from the checked websites.

    6. All information will be sent by an e-mail (please indicate your existing e-mail in the registration form!)

    Working performance:

    1. You receive some website, sign up in it, and its reflink is sending to us.
    2. You get two more websites, in which you must work just like somebody works in your first website. In this case it is forming objectivity.
    3. Important information about checked buxsite is placed immediately under banner of website, in reference "Comments"
    4. If the Website is paying, you are succeeded because you have a good Website and a lot of referrals. If the Website is not paying - the Website is replaced, and old one is placed in the scam list.
    Warning: The information provided according to expressed opinion of our portal visitors, it will not be unilateral but we are not responsible for the certainty of information.


      I. To save time of other users. To find and to clarify, which Websites and Projects are deserve for attention, which are paying and are non-scam using reliable sources, including direct communication with working users.
     II. To make the possiblity to buy a lot of referrals because your reflink is the first and on the top.To collect the team of reliable and active member and to gather a database where you can find the proper information faster for your bussiness of e-marketing.
    III. Just for fun:)

    We are checking:

    1. We are checking The BUX-websites of small payout, up to 10$  (it will be checked by you or by those members, which will join voluntarily to you through your reflink).
    2. Currently we are checking only the PTC. Subsequent we will expand  the horizons of the checked projects.
    3. We are checking the porn BUX, but we do not disclose publicly information about them. Information will be available only for registered members.
    4. We will check new investment BUX-websites or HYIP only to your own initiative .
    5. We cannot accept all of your proposed BUX-websites due to the lack of time.

    Have a questions? Please, contact us

    Website still under construction .... Sorry, the works is underway

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